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think before you buy

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fast fashion; rapidly changing collections with poor quality, no sustainable production process and not recyclable. Return shipments that end up directly in the container. It is estimated that 1 billion items of clothing are thrown away every year in the Netherlands alone. The textiles from the container are sorted out, what is too bad is sent to the Eastern Bloc and what is found to be too bad there is sent to Africa. The Kantmanto market in Accra, Ghana, receives 20 million discarded garments every week. Approx. 50% of that bulk is so bad that it ends up directly on the waste mountain or is incinerated.

check out Textile Mountain. The hidden burden of our fashion waste van Make Europe Sustainable for All.

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Dimensions100 × 70 cm

acryl, on paper




Wilt u het werk in het echt zien, of heeft u specifieke vragen of wensen? Ik hoor het graag.