The elements of all

the elements are always there, no matter what

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Wu Xing, a fivefold conceptual scheme that many traditional Chinese fields used to explain a wide array of phenomena. The 5 elements "Five Phases" are Fire ( huǒ), Water ( shuǐ), Wood ( ), Metal or Gold (jīn), and Earth or Soil ( ) Each element can be constructive as well as deconstructive in the interaction depending on the element. It is like a foundation of all. And this foundation is always there, no matter how dark it gets

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acryl, fineliner, on paper




Oak frame, black with gilded front side and museum glass. Frame included in price (€140)


40 x 33,5 cm


Wilt u het werk in het echt zien, of heeft u specifieke vragen of wensen? Ik hoor het graag.