Rijks Teekenschool – 20th century

In March/April 2022, I took part in the course ‘painting in the 20th century’ in the inspiring ambiance of the Drawing School in the garden of the Rijksmuseum.

3 x 2 Friday afternoons deepening in the style and applying the techniques



For optimum freedom in my proces of painting, I want to continue to broaden my skills and techniques as much as possible. This course was one of the ways to achieve that goal. Under the inspiring leadership of highly motivated artists and in the pleasant company of fellow students. I have received good feedback and have become a lot wiser.

un véritable Appel à voter.



Dumas: ink, water and paper 


Schoonhoven meets Fibonacci



The Night Waiting

a variation on Rembrandt’s Night Watch

Made in response to the AvroTros TV program ‘The secret of the master’ and the accompanying painting competition


De Night Waiting

Ode to the Heroes of the Silent Majority

Ode to the heroes of the silent It is as it were a snapshot taken at 16:42, prior to the photo shoot at 17:00. Meanwhile, another rioter is taken off, an officer comes running and another is taking off her helmet. This painting was created as an ode to the heroes of the silent majority. The guardians of public order during demonstrations and riots. It is inspired by Rembrandt’s Night Watch.

Finished in the top 20 out of 563 entries



Kunstlijn Haarlem

My Exhibition during the ‘Kunstlijn Haarlem’ 2021

Expositie annelies veeze

During the art line Haarlem on November 6 and 7 I had my own retrospective exhibition of my work in the De Greiner building on the Voorhelmstraat in Haarlem in Studio 309. It was a busy weekend. More than 220 visitors, enjoyed so many positive comments. Looking forward to more…