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Devastating the footprint of the textile industry. Be aware and choose the right products to protect the world and our health. Just take the recycling of water instead of the unfiltered discharge.

Some facts: per jeans
3500 liters of water is equivalent to about 30 baths or 90 showers.
111 kWh is equivalent to burning 14000 LED lamps for approximately 1 hour
32 Kg CO2 what an average household in 5 days
in addition, the pollution of the process. (alkiphenols, phthalates, brominated and chlorinated flame retardants, azoic leaks, organic stannic compounds, perfluorochlorinated compounds, chlorobenzenes, chlorinated solvents, chlorophenols, short-chain chlorinated paraffins, heavy metals)

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River Blues the movie, can fashion save the planet

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Dimensions60 × 50 cm

acryl, canvas, collage






Wilt u het werk in het echt zien, of heeft u specifieke vragen of wensen? Ik hoor het graag.