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Living in the city, wandering around, I find myself captivated by the vibrant New York-like vibe. Observing the litter on the pavement and gazing up at the captivating monuments, I am simultaneously filled with a fear of losing sight of the horizon and a deep fascination with modern architecture and impressive skylines. Imagine the perfect place to live, to enjoy city life as well as grand old trees. Preserving the livability of the city.

Welcome to “Art made by Annelies Veeze,” where my creative expression reflects the beauty and complexity of urban life.


Imagine there is an almighty being greater than all there is. More often i’m wandering what this greatness would think when looking upon us? The love, the hate. The wars, the pollution, the exploitation of resources, and even worse, the exploitation of people. The terrorists, the inequality, racism— you name it. What would the almighty think when observing us?

Art made by Annelies Veeze uncovers reflection of humanity through powerful creations.


I In a world filled with manipulation and conspiracy theories, the dangers of disrupting society are evident, even for the strongest democracy. It’s time to take responsibility and see the bigger picture, looking beyond our algorithm bubbles. Be brave and wise, for finding a new balance is essential.

At Art made by Annelies Veeze, i believe in sparking thought and provoking discussion through our artwork. Join me on this journey to raise awareness and inspire reflection on important societal issues.


As an artist, my passion lies in making art and choosing subjects that provoke thought and discussion. Through my artwork, I strive to start a dialogue with viewers, inviting them to engage with the deeper meanings behind each piece. With every new year, I embark on a new subject, allowing my creativity to evolve and inspire. The purpose of my art is to raise awareness, prompting reflection on important societal issues.

Welcome to “Art made by Annelies Veeze.” I invite you to join the dialogue.



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